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Reality Bound


Reality Bound

Reality Introduction

Read this and then get five people you know to read it. After wards, get together and discuss it. Tell your friends to get friends and do the same. If enough people start thinking in the real world, it will be a start to fixing the mess that we have created.

Give it a costs you nothing! The more people that become aware of the reality of our situation, the better the chance to correct it.

sam & Grandkids-1_1.jpg Reality Bound

This is the tale of brass-balls, say it like it is, pure truth! The whole world is going through a period of self-centered irresponsible behavior driven by greed, power, religion and a total lack of morality, with a gluttonous appetite for everything. If things keeping going on this way, a big case of reality is going to strike with a vengeance, and then the human race will understand what is important and what is not. The evidence of this happening is everywhere.

Like I said, I've seen a lot of reality in my 82 years, some good some not so good. That's life! I remember when this country was really something. What I see now, ans I mean everywhere, is that this once wonderful land has now gone straight to hell. The people are spoiled, lazy, self-centered and irresponsible in every way. They breed like rabbits and produce one child after another, without one thought of how they are going to be able to take care of them. We spend more money on education in this country than the whole rest of the world, The result of all that spending is that we are listed in the high 20's on the scholastic ability scale. What's wrong?

One big part if this problem is that there is no discipline in the school or the home. Think about it, you can't even teach a puppy not to piss on your floor without getting his attention first. It used to be that after you did 2 years in high school, you has the option of doing the next 2 years in trade school. You could learn to be a plumber, electrician, carpenter, mechanic, etc. Therefore, when you graduated from high school, you had the start of a skill, so that you could go to work, instead of running the streets like the kids do today. No direction of what to become or even a desire to be something. I don't know why the states and the school boards don't bring back this system. Even if they did, the big problem would be that everybody would like to have the benefits of something like this, but with no effort on their part. The American society wants everything cheap, fast and with no effort. It's no going to work the the way we do today. How can you get somewhere, if you don't know where you're going?

It seems like the old fashioned work ethic has disappeared. The kids don't haul out the trash, cut the grass, etc. They're brought uo on video games or some other electronic gadget that keeps them occupied and out of their parent's hair.

The whole country has an obese problem.  Young or old, it’s all the same.  You can’t eat all the time and sit on your ass and do nothing.  The evidence of this is everywhere!  Everybody tries to lay the blame on somebody else for his or her irresponsible behavior. The fast-food industry is part of the cause, but nobody holds a gun to their heads and forces them to eat this shit!

I was at the Laundromat doing my weekly chore, and while I was waiting, I couldn’t help but notice the size of most of the people there. With the exception of 2 or 3, they all appeared to weigh at least 300 pounds.  This isn’t a joke, and on top of that, they were dressed in shorts and tank tops or blouses.  It was as if they were proud of how disgusting they looked.   Fifty years ago people would try to cover that shit up, not show it off.  What the fuck is wrong with people today?  Everywhere you look, they have a cell phone in one hand and something to eat or drink in the other.

Talking about high-tech gadgets, I                                                                 
think as a tool, they are great for specific uses, but not as a realistic way of life.  The difference between man and animals is that animal’s function on natural instincts, like hunger, fear, reproduction, noise, temperature, etc.  Man is equipped with the intellect to reason and think things out.  The old say, “use it or lose it” is going to become a serious reality if we spend most of our time on computers, cell phones, or some other electronic toy tat we allow to make our daily decisions.  At this rate, 20 years from now, nobody will be able to use his or her brain to make a decision. 

Next are a couple of things that happened in my area in the last 2 weeks. I saw this with my own eyes.  It’s 5:15 PM and a guy in a late model Suburban is coming down a residential street where the speed limit is 30 mph.  There is a little “dog-leg” in the road that goes slightly to the right, and it’s half a block from a major intersection with stoplights on all corners.  According to the police officers on the
scene, he had to have been doing over 40 mph because he missed the curve and went straight into a big major utility pole, cutting it off at the ground and flipping his Suburban upside down, landing on its back.  The impact flipped the driver into the back and partially paralyzed him.  Besides excessive speed and no seat belt, he had his nose on his cell phone where he was checking his email.  Cause:  irresponsible behavior.

The nest 2 events happened to me.  I drive an old ’93 white Suburban that just fits my old boney ass.  I was backing out of a handicapped parking space at our local grocery store.  It was around 7:30 in the evening and still very light outside.   As I was backing
up, I noticed a pretty good-sized young woman walking up the drive from where she had parked.  As she walked, she was texting on her
idiot box.  I stopped and waited for her to go behind me.  Instead of walking behind me, the stupid bitch walked right into the side of my Suburban.  The look that she gave me said, “Why are you parked in front of me?”  The passenger side window was down in my truck and I asked her, “Do you drive the same way?”  She gave me that fuck-you look and went on into the store.  The lesson is that you don’t stop in front of somebody who is texting.

This next story happened 2 days in a row and in the same area:

I was on the way home at around 9:30 PM.  I was driving on a main cut-thru road that is somewhat curvy, on an uphill grade for the first
half.   A small gray car was up ahead of me going very slow, so other cars were passing it.  As I approached it, I too decided to pass.  As I went by, I looked into the car and noticed that the driver had a small laptop sitting on the steering wheel and was moving her right hand around on it. My first thought was, “are you fucking insane?”  She’s driving on a curvy road with traffic, at night and messing with her laptop! 

When I was a kid, I wanted to know the WHY of everything.  If people today would get in this mode of asking WHY, it would solve a lot of their problems.  Here is the reality of that.  Every problem that we have, we create, either directly or indirectly by putting ourselves in a position for the problem to happen.  Don’t try to lay the blame on someone else or something else. It was you!  We have all done it
and that includes me.  It all falls under the term irresponsible behavior, and here are a couple of examples of growing up without parental guidance, concern, responsibility, moral character and discipline. But, I’ll bet they had their share of television, video games,
computers, and don’t forget, cell phones.

A 15-year-old middle school boy goes to school and with a 9MM gun, pumps 2 slugs into one of his classmates.  Before that, he had posted a message on FaceBook that read, “Don’t use a mind, use a nine.”  Now, I wonder where his parents were when he was posting this kind of shit on the Internet.  Not only that, where the hell did he get the loaded pistol?  The parents have to take the heat for this one, but you can bet that they will try to lay the blame somewhere else. 

Now here is another gem about behavior:

A 17-year-old honor student pistol whips her Mom and forces her to sign the papers at a local car dealer so she can have her little car.  This girl is not a dummy; she had already been offered scholarships to big universities.  A witness to this whole event called 911.  The police came and arrested the girl.  When they searched her purse, they found drug paraphernalia and the gun that she used to abuse her Mother.  In addition, the gun was stolen!  The Mother did not want to press charges, but the District Attorney did and charged her with three felonies.  By the fact that the Mother not want to press charges, she inadvertently told the whole story of how something like this could have happened.  She apparently had done this same thing all of her daughter’s life.  She allowed her to do whatever and whenever this spoiled punk wanted.  She was never told the word, “no”, but now she is finally going to get the word.

This next incident is totally disgusting to me and I hope to you, as well:

Several black men in their late teens to early twenties savagely raped an eleven-year-old little girl.  I don’t recall all the details, but according to CNN News, some of them said that the child was at fault.    BULLSHIT!!  I don’t care what anybody says; when grown men can stoop to this level of behavior, there is no excuse possible. They should have their nuts crushed with a hammer instead of going to trial.  Do you really believe that this country has not gone to shit?  There is nowhere on earth that this kind of behavior can be tolerated.  These guys should not be allowed to exist. 

This country is considered to be a democracy that is of the people and by the people.  That means that we are all in the same boat.  What everyone forgets is that with all our rights and freedoms, we have to be law abiding and act in a responsible manner.  Everybody
is so self-centered and spoiled that they don’t consider what their actions might be doing to somebody else.  All those young punks that are running around with their giant speakers booming all over the area would whine like a little bitch if somebody parked in front of
where they live and blew the horn for 10 minutes.

Now, be honest with yourself.  How many times a day do you violate the posted speed limit?  How many times have you lied on a tax form or some other information form?  You say, “Oh what the hell; it’s no big deal, everybody does it.”  That’s the point I’m tying to make.  Everybody is into the self-centered attitude, where we all say the rules are made for the other guy, not me. When a police officer gives you a ticket, in most cases you say, “ I wasn’t going that much faster than the other people; why me?”  The point is the police officer was doing exactly what you would expect him to do.  If somebody were robbing your house, you would want him to do his job, but because it was you that got caught disobeying the law, you want to cry about it. 

This is all irresponsible behavior!  If you really want to live in a free society, DO YOUR PART!  Learn to be a responsible citizen.  Do you remember the Golden Rule?  Do unto others as you would like them to do unto to you.”   If we all tried to do this every day, it
would change our lives for the better.