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The Shame of a Nation


That's right; the whole country should feel the shame for letting ourselves sink to the low level that we have become. We are spoiled, lazy, and irresponsible in all our action and our morality is non-existent. Most of you who read this were probably not alive when World War II was going on, nut there were thousands of good men and women that gave their lives' to protect our way of life in this country. Imagine the sacrifice and look what we have done with it.

I was fifteen years old when my mother lied to the Navy Department and told them I was seventeen years old, which was the age of enlistment at the time. That was 1944. When the Marine Corps finished my training and sent me off to combat, it was forty-one days before my sixteenth birthday. I saw, first hand, what a lot of people sacrificed for the Nation. We are now repeating history and doing exactly what Athens Greece did five hundred years before Christ. They had the first Democracy and it was perfect. Then, the Athenians got into the same mindset as what we have now. They were spoiled, irresponsible, immoral and didn't pay attention to the people they had elected to govern their society. With this type of behavior, history dictates the moral to the story and we are on our way.

Even though we are seem to be on a downward spiral, I have faith that we can come back to the great Nation we once were. We have returned from extreme adversity before and we can do it again. The following articles will show where we have  a lot of work to do, but if everybody will do their part, we will return again!