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Irresponsible Behavior

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Irresponsible Behavior is Every Where

It is found at the bottom of society and goes all the way to the top of society.
A prime example is the Iraq war. All the intelligent agencies of the Government informed the President and Vice President that Sadam did not have weapons of mass destruction. No evidence was ever found to prove that he did have these weapons.

Bush made the decision to invade Iraq. He even conned Powell into going before the United Nation's assembly to convince them that Sadam had acquired some weapon grade uranium for a nuclear weapon. Powell had a super reputation and so the assembly bought his story.

Once Powell found out that he had been used, he resigned and is rarely heard of since,
Look what Bush's irresponsibility has cost all of us. Bush's whole life has been a pattern of this kind of behavior. Every thing he ever did was a failure. Look how he left the country when his term was up.