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The Shame of a Nation #2

The Shame of a Nation #2


Everybody in this country hollers about too many laws and too much government interference in their everyday lives. In a democracy you expect to have freedom to live your life the way that you choose. That's all well and good but, freedom has a price and you must be willing to pay it. The price is called RESPONSIBILITY. The laws of the land are made for the wellbeing of all of society, not just a select few. All societies have to follow basic guidelines, without these the society cannot exist for long.

    When societies act in an irresponsible manner, that endangers the general public. The government, state and federal, have to spell out a set of rules to wake the people up and to curb their irresponsible behavior. If you don't like all the laws just take a good look at why they were made.

    In the United States Constitution, the first ten amendments are called The Bill of Rights. They spell out all of your civil rights, and also, it states that you, as a citizen, have the responsibility of obeying the laws of the land. It doesn't get any plainer than that. I would be willing to bet money that there isn't one person out of a thousand, that has taken the time to read the Constitution.

    The first words that you hear out of a suspected criminal's mouth, when caught, are; "I HAVE RIGHTS".    

    The police department in your community is charged with serving and protecting you and they take that responsibility serious. When you violate the speed limit signs and run a red light you say, "Oh well, nobody saw me, and besides, everybody does it." That, my friend, is irresponsible behavior. Even though you think it was a little thing and nobody got hurt, it still doesn't make it right. All the laws that you holler about were put into effect because of those same irresponsible attitudes that most people seem to have.

    When the Brady Bill was brought up, the N.R.A. and all their supporters cried like babies. The Brady Bill had to do with firearms. Anyway, look how many people are shot and killed by an irresponsible, gun-carrying asshole who thinks it makes him somebody because he has a gun. These people could care less about your rights, but they sure holler about theirs. Irresponsible behavior has become the norm in this country. It comes all the way from the bottom and all the way to the top.

    Look at the drug culture in this country. It's everywhere, and that's probably the main cause of the serious crime that we have. It takes money, and lots of it, to feed the frug habits. They can't get it by working, so they will rob, steal, murder or whatever they have to do to feed the monster.

    Welfare and food stamp fraud has become an epidemic everywhere. In a lot of cases the more little kids that you produce, the bigger the check. Buying fancy cars, rims, TV's, and other electronic gadgets takes a lot of money...using little kids to make THAT money is the height of irresponsible behavior, and besides, it's just WRONG!

    A lot of these same people will tell you that they try to be good Christian people; that they go to church on Sunday and they read the Bible at home, and yet, they can't even obey the Ten Commandments. Not only is this irresponsible, but it also makes them hypocrites.

    Education in this country is deplorable. No discipline in the schools or at home. We spend more money on education than all the other countries together. Yet, on the World Scholastic charts, we are 25th or 26th in rank. Talk about shame!!

Here is a prime example:

    I know a thirty-seven year old man that works every day at his job in a shop-type environment where there is a TV that plays all day which is tuned in to a national type news channel. He was telling me that before he worked at this place he never watched the national news, and before that, he didn't even know how we elected our government officials or representatives etc...etc... He still isn't sure how the government even works. I asked him about his education level and he said that he graduated from high school but that's as far as he got. He knows nothing about American History or anything else about this country.

    A couple of years ago I used to ask all the young teen-age kids that I met; "Who is the vice-president?" You can't believe the answers I got. Most said, "man, I don't know, I'm not into politics." Now, these kids are voting age and most don't even know it's election time. How can you have a democracy when less than thirty percent of the population is participating, and those that do don't even pay attention to who is running? They just follow the big party bosses, like sheep.

    I could go on and on about irresponsible behavior but by now, you should get the picture.

    Before this country has a chance to get back to what it was in he good old days, everybody has to start behaving in a responsible way, with everything. We can continue on the same path that we are on now, and continue to be part of the problem, or we can change our ways and be part of the solution. It's our choice.

    Stop blaming all of your problems on something else or somebody else, take a good look at yourself!

    When you meet a Veteran and you wish to thank him or her for their service, be a law abiding citizen and be responsible in what you do. That's the best thanks you can give.

    They did you do yours.